The Nirasaki Omura Museum of Art opened in 2007 based on the Nirasaki born, Dr. Satoshi Omura ‘s collection he had been collecting for ages. Dr. Omura came to conclusion that “outstanding art should not remain for the sole pleasure but to be shared equally for the benefit and enjoyment for all .”In the following year, 2008, he donated his collection to his hometown Nirasaki city for the benefit to promote culture and art development.

27th Oct 2007 Dr.Satoshi Omura opened his private museum
1st Oct 2008 The museum became Nirasaki’s Public Nirasaki Omura Art Museum and started as an operational administration.
The museum concluded a cooperative agreement with Joshibi University of Art and Design work of arts.
3rd Sep 2011 The Nirasaki Civic Center’s free satellite space was established.
30th Jun 2013 The director’s first bust statue unveiling ceremony was held commemorating the 5th anniversary of the museum.
4th Oct 2014 The 60th anniversary of municipal enforcement memorial/ Opening ceremony for Motoko Morita’s exhibition.
7th Nov Concluded a coordination agreement with Joshibi University of Art and Design.
6th Oct 2015 In celebration of Dr. Satoshi Omura’s Nobel Prize winning, the museum was open free for 8 days as a special viewing period.
2nd Apr 2016 A ceremony for one hundred thousand people entering the museum.
9th Sep 2017 The 10th year anniversary memorial ceremony was held.
31th Mar 2018– Outdoor Sculptures Display at “koufuku no komichi” (Nirasaki Street Museum Program)
Feb 2021– Special Gallery at Nirasaki shopping streets (Nirasaki Street Museum Program)
2022 15th Anniversary Ceremony & Special Exhibits
Nirasaki Omura memorial garden “Soushinen”


Building structure Reinforced concrete (RC) / Some steel frame / 2 floors
Site area 2,626,89㎡
Building area 442.12㎡
Gross floor space1F 376.07㎡
2F 133.44㎡
Total 509.51㎡
1FGallery1・2 172.00㎡
Satoshi Omura’s Memorial Room 59.50㎡
2FGallery3 36.40㎡
View room 57.77㎡


Building structure Reinforced concrete (RC)
Site area 4,084.40㎡
Building area 197.60㎡
Gross floor space 185.00㎡