(Admission until 16:30)


Wednesdays (If the Wednesday falls on a holiday, the museum is opened but the next day after the holiday will be closed)
During replacing exhibits(Please check the calender for further details)
January 1st


College students and above 500 yen (420 yen)
Grade students, junior and high school students 200 yen (160 yen)
*Admission is free for:①Persons with a handicap certificate along with the accompanying person ②Elementary, junior and high school students residing Nirasaki city ③Students enrolled in Nirasaki city´s elementary, junior and high school

For groups with more than 10 people


Showing your passport to the reception will let you exhibit permanent exhibitions and planned exhibitions any number of times through out the year.
The expiration date is one year from the purchased date. Applications are accepted at the museum’s reception desk.
General/University Students 3080yen
Elementary and junior high/high school students 1240yen


• Bathrooms
2 locations (Bathrooms for wheel chairs are available)
• Coin operated lockers
Lockers only accept 100 yen coins
Please leave big baggage at the reception desk.
• Wheelchairs
We have two wheelchairs available for rental .
Please let the receptionist know when in need.
• Elevator
Capacity for 4
• Ramp
There are ramps at the main door from the exterior of the building.


This store holds post cards, museum related books, and the mascot character of Nirasaki City’s “Neela” commodities.
* Some items may be out of stock.



1830-1, Kamiyama-machi Nabeyama, Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi, 407-0043, Japan
TEL/FAX +81-(0)551-23-7775(Except closed day.10:00-17:00)
※Japanese guidance only


In order for all customers to have a pleasurable time and for the art’s protection, we kindly ask your cooperation.

Please do not touch the art work.
Voices are easily echoed in the museum, please observe quietly.
Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the museum and in the building. Please refrain from bringing food and drinks in the museum.
(There is a vending machine in the observation room on the 2nd floor. Drinks are allowed in this room)
Please refrain from taking pictures with cameras and smart phones.
Keep cameras in your baggage or in a paid locker.
Please leave large baggage at the reception desk.
Use the umbrella-stand for umbrellas or fold it so it fits in your baggage.
No pets are allowed in the museum and premises. Except for people with an assistance dog.
Please do not bring the plant.
Writing utensils are not allowed in the exhibition rooms, excepts for pencils. We lend pencils.
Please refrain from causing trouble with other customers.
Our staff may ask questions to maintain the exhibition environment and conservation for the art work.